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What is “MegaMillions” ?

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What is “MegaMillions” ?

Let’s begin by shooting straight from the hip. Mega Millions is America’s favorite interstate lottery. You’d better consider yourself lucky not to be living in the good old days of the Wild West where every gun toting cowboy worth his salt would be after your mega moolah should the Mega Millions have been around then. But jokes apart – Mega Millions is the richest weekly lottery that kicks off at US$15 million, making it the biggest minimum jackpot of any national lottery. There are 9 levels of prizes with loads of chances to win, which include a massive, guaranteed US1 million second prize. So no prizes for guessing what the game is about because the name says it all.

A matrix that does wonders

Mega Millions is all about five numbered balls and a Mega Ball. It’s not hard to image five numbered balls, right? You have to choose five numbers between 1 and 75, and 1 Mega Number between 1 and 15. You hit the jackpot if you match all 6 numbers. There’s no reason to fret if you don’t hit the jackpot ­ – yours truly has been trying hard for the last four years – you could still be a winner since there are 8 prize levels apart from the jackpot. If you match the 5 main numbers and the Mega Ball number goes for a toss, you can still go home $1 million richer. Hats off to the matrix!


Earn mega bucks with Megaplier

Speaking of jackpots, the record so far is a massive $656 million. Billions of tickets are sold regularly and they cost only a dollar or $2 if you opt for the Megaplier ticket. This feature allows you to earn 2 to 5 times more on any prize you win except the jackpot. All you need is to select the option when you purchase your ticket. The Megaplier number between 2 and 5 is drawn up just before the main draw. Your earnings will be multiplied by the number drawn. So if you win a $1000 non-jackpot prize you could end up with as much as $5000. Not a bad deal at all for a $2 ticket. You will find loads of information (apart from here) on your state’s lottery website such as www.ialottery.com/Games/Online/MegaMillions.asp.


The Mega Millions draw is held twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. The deadline for buying tickets is usually around 4 to 5 hours before the draw. Tickets can be purchased at thousands of retailers or online as well. So be quick on the draw if you want a chance to become a multimillionaire this week.


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