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Philip Cimino, Garden City Park, New York, $33 million

Philip Cimino, Garden City Park, New York, $33 million

I must say, I do like a good flower arrangement- you’d never have guessed, right? Well floral designer, Philip Cimino from Garden City Park, New York, sounds like the kind of guy I would definitely like to meet. He has won Mega Millions $33 million dollar jackpot. But he’s not giving up his day job, of creating beautiful floral arrangements, just cutting down to a few days a week, even though he was still working at 67 because he thought he would just never have enough money to retire.


Philip, who is described as a bachelor in a long term relationship (like me, except my long term partner is my obsession with following Mega Millions winners) bought his winning ticket from Mineola Card and Smoke on Jericho Turnpike in Mineola. He chose his numbers randomly from sales receipts from various stores. Nothing too planned about that strategy, but in the end it paid off big time.


Philip’s win was the first top tier win for the year in New York. He must have been over the moon to receive that kind of honor.


He actually seems to me like an amazing man, who said that he didn’t need luxury, just to be able to sleep well at night and help his family and friends. What a good guy! He was going to buy a condo for him and his gal though. She’s chosen to stay anonymous by the way. Probably the best idea when your man is an overnight celebrity.


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