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Lottery Scams and How to Avoid Them

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Avoid Those Letters That Claim You Have Won A Big Prize

It is no secret that the web is full of scams. You’ve got to be sharp enough to realize that someone is trying to rip you off of all your money rather than give you some. Nothing comes for free so remember this whenever you come across an email congratulating you on winning a big prize. WhoWonTheMegamillions.com is serious about spreading awareness about scams that are always on the increase each day.

We guarantee that any letter that even mentions a few words about you winning a lottery or some other big prize is an absolute scam. There are loads of con artists a step ahead in the game, looking for ways to squeeze you, me and everyone on this planet, of every penny. Even the slightest sniff of being able to make money off you will have them coming back for more with false promises of bigger bounties.

So how do scam artists really go about their business?

The very first thing they do is send you an email congratulating you on having won a big prize. They are very smart at forging recognized names and logos, just to make the entire job look professional and official. That’s where many people fall prey to their devious deeds.

How do you spot a scam?

There are many ways to spot a red flag. To begin with, if you haven’t played any lottery you shouldn’t be receiving any type of mail. It’s that simple. You cannot win a prize for something you did not enter. On the other hand, if you have played the Mega Millions and happen to receive an email from address such as whowonthemillions@gmail.com or WhoWonTheMegamillions@yahoo.com, that’s definitely a fake. No authorized lottery will ever send a mail from a yahoo or gmail account. Thanks to spam filters of Google and other search engines, some of these mails hit the spam box right away. However, there are a few that can get through but the best is to ignore them.

Scam artists want your money

They will never shell out a cent of their own. They have millions of ways in their ‘best practices’ book to squeeze every cent possible out of you. Registration fee, onetime tax, processing fees, advocate’s fee…… you name it, they’ve got a trick up their sleeve. They may ask you to pay the dues via Western Union prior to releasing your so-called prize money. Remember, it is you who are their prize catch, so don’t be fooled.

In fact, I’ve made a complete folder of scam mails that originate from every corner of the globe. Some of them are good for a laugh. I’ve received so many emails featuring prize money with a string of infinite zeros attached, enough to buy Bill Gates, Microsoft, Facebook and all its acquisitions, and every blue chip company on the face of this earth, a million times over.

Be $cam smart

Hit the delete button if you receive an email notifying you cracking the lottery when you haven’t even bought a ticket or simply dump any post you receive right into the bin. That’s the best way to protect yourself from scam artists. Never give it a second thought.

Food for thought

Speaking of thought, have you ever given this a thought? The Mega Millions lottery will never have a clue as to who won the jackpot until the winner(s) come forward to claim their ticket. All tickets are bought anonymously so how could you ever receive an email. That’s definitely food for thought.


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