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Judy Juntunen, Atlantic Mine, Michigan, $19 million

Judy Juntunen, Atlantic Mine, Michigan, $19 million

Judy Juntunen must be a bit of a joker. When she rang two of her four children to tell them she had won the Mega Millions jackpot, neither of them believed her, and thought she might be tricking them! But this Atlantic Mine resident wasn’t joking, she’d hit a gold mine!
The great-grandmother, who has 16 grandchildren and 22 grandchildren, has definitely had her share of bad news. She had cancer a year before she won the Mega Millions, but hopefully now she’s clear of the cancer and ready to spend up big and enjoy her life in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with her new found health and fortune.
Judy is a retired postal worker. She drove 10 hours to go and claim her prize in Lansing, Michigan. I’m wondering if she drove the mail truck back in the day!
The Mega Millions winner found out about her win from her granddaughter, who put two and two together when she heard the winning ticket had been sold at the Festival Foods store in Houghton. They received $50,000 for their efforts. Not bad for selling a card with six numbers on it, I’ll say!
So off it was to Lansing with her son and daughter to collect the prize money. Judy was planning on buying a four wheel drive car to negotiate the huge amounts of snow they get up there in the Upper Peninsula, and helping her grandkids and great grandkids get through college. Isn’t she just the best grandma ever!


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