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Jim McCullar, Efrata WA, $190 million

Jim McCullar, Efrata WA, $190 million

Another story of a nice guy who’s won the Mega Millions Lottery. Jim McCullar’s kids believe he won $190 million on 4th January 2011 because he and his wife Carolyn are forever giving to others. They make sure to donate turkeys to the food bank and anonymous Christmas presents to charity.
Jim’s got six kids and 23 grandkids, so he’s pretty busy even though he he’s retired from working for Boeing.
I doubt he would have ever thought his life turn out so well when he was back in Vietnam. He and Carolyn have always decided their numbers using their birthdays, and that already won them $18,000 through the Oregon Lottery many years ago. Now they went with their tradition and chose picked the numbers using their birth dates. It paid off as you can all see. I wonder if I could try doing the same thing with my birth date. It’d make all my Christmases come at once.
So, enough of my dreaming and back to the new reality in the McCullar household. Jim was watching KHQ news and all of a sudden the news reader read out those magical birth dates! Jim raced to wake Carolyn and tell her he good news, but not before taking his heart meds, he was a bit scared of having a heart attack!
The Safeway store where he bought the winning ticket received a nice little reward for their efforts and I am sure will be putting the $50,000 to good use.



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