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How to Play the Mega Millions

How to play the Megamillions

Ever since its first draw in September 1996, the multi state Mega Millions has become an American obsession. Almost everyone has had a go at the big pot. After all, what are the odds of winning a million bucks and more in a lottery? Frankly, on a $1 ticket in the Mega Millions it’s 1 in around 259 million. And you get two chances every week to hit the jackpot that keeps growing bigger until someone hits it. So, you want to know how to play the Mega Millions?

Crack America’s biggest jackpot game


Playing the Mega Millions isn’t rocket science. There are jackpots starting from $15 million, and if you aren’t so lucky there are many other prizes from $1 to a neat $1 million. It’s plain luck unless you are some sort of psychic or hypnotherapist who can get those numbered balls to swing your way. Believe me, as a former math geek I’ve thought of a kazillion ways to crack those numbers ­ ­– just stopping short of standing on my head – but to no avail. But playing the game is really simple. Tickets are available at millions of stores in every state that offers the Mega Millions lottery.

Pick the prettiest numbers of them all!

It’s all about choosing 5 numbers from 1 to 75 and a Mega Ball number from 1 to 15. If you are too lazy to pick 5 numbers, or don’t mind counting on the terminal to select them, simply mark the ‘QP (Quick Pick’ box and the machine will gladly select 5 numbers for you. The same goes for the 1 Mega Ball number from 1 to 15, available in the lower yellow play area of the play-board. Now, this is a simple task, isn’t it?

Multiply your winnings with Megaply

If you want to increase your winnings by up to 5 times you can choose to play the Megaply feature for an extra $1. This number is chosen from a field of 15 numbers. Any prize that you win will be multiplied by the Megaplier number drawn.

Multi-Draw Option

Feeling lucky? You can play the same numbers for more than one draw and select 10 or more consecutive draws at the cost of $1 per drawing. Select the ‘Multi-Draw’ option and your numbers will be played for the number of drawings selected.

The winner takes it all

Once you are satisfied with your selection, turn in your play-card to the retailer. You will receive a separate ticket for each play-card. Make sure to verify the numbers and the date before you leave the retailer’s store. Now all you have to do is wait for the draw. To check if you’ve won you can hand over your ticket to a lottery retailer to scan the barcode on your ticket. Alternatively, you can visit your state’s lottery website. For example, if you are in California visit www.calottery.com or http://www.txlottery.org for the Texas Mega Millions lottery results.

There are some unusual ways to pick numbers. What’s yours? Whether it’s your pet parrot’s pick, car registration plate, or random numbers picked from a hat, the Mega Millions is definitely worth a shot.


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