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If you don’t play, your enemy could win

If you don’t play, your enemy could win

Everyone has a nemesis. It could be your boss. Your ex-lover. Or even your mother in law. You may not wish any of these people bad luck, by any means – except maybe on the odd occasion. But you also don’t necessarily wish them all the success in the world. So how would you feel if your nemesis happened to win the lottery? Not just any lottery, but the Mega Millions Lottery? Not great at all.


The reality is, that even though you may think that the odds are stacked against you to strike it rich in the lottery, someone out there always wins it. Day in and day out there is some lucky fish that comes into more money than they ever believed possible, thanks to the amazing thing that is the lottery. These are everyday people. Builders. Shop owners. House wives. The ordinary man on the street. And one of those people could be your nemesis. That wouldn’t make you happy.


So how do you stack the odds of them winning against them? How do you do your level best to ensure that they don’t win the money? We’ve already established that wishing people ill is not good for your karma. Even if you’re not a big believer in ‘what goes around, comes around’, not many people will openly admit to wishing that something bad happened to someone else. So what is there left to do to minimise their chances of winning the Mega Millions Lottery?


You have to play yourself. If you don’t play, and they win, then you have no recourse to complain. There is nothing much you can do to stop them winning, but you can try your best to win the money yourself. That means buying those Mega Millions Lottery tickets in order to stack the odds in your favour, and not theirs.


Now imagine how you would feel if you won? How jealous that would make your ex-lover, boss or your mother in law? Wouldn’t that be a great feeling? Imagine yourself walking into your boss’s office and resigning with a big grin on your face? Or better yet, buying the company so that they now work for you. Picture this: Your boss calling you ‘boss’, waiting patiently for you to finish off your phone call to your personal assistant’s personal assistant about which champagne you should have with your lunch. And then of course, in which city you’ll be having that lunch.


Imagine the look on your ex-lover’s face when they are checking out your Facebook profile and see your holiday pictures in your private beach villa that you flew to on your own jet. Maybe it’s even your own island. Anything is possible if you win the Mega Millions Lottery.


And now, imagine the look on your mother in law’s face when you buy her that awesome condo, complete with live-in butler and enough bedrooms for all her cats. You could even make sure the condo is far, far away in some obscure place with monsoons that shut down the airports for 9 months a year, making sure that her surprise visits to you are very infrequent – if ever.


So, with all that in mind. With all the amazing possibilities that await you, isn’t it time you stopped wishing upon a little star and just did something about it? It’s quite simple, really. The more often you play the Mega Millions Lottery, the more chances you have of winning. And the less likely your nemesis could win too. Now wouldn’t that be even sweeter. Go!

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