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David Sneath, Livonia Michigan, $136 million

David Sneath, Livonia Michigan, $136 million

Have you ever wondered what to get a guy for his 60thbirthday? Although I haven’t really thought about it, I now know… I want what David got! David Sneathwon Mega Millions Lottery on no other than his 60th birthday. No joke, but the date of that extra important day was, you guessed it, April fool’s Day, 2008!
Well, good old David’s friends thought he was pulling an April Fool’s prank when he told them good that he had won Mega Millions! But this Mega Millions winner wasn’t fooling anyone. It was for real! He had won $136 million!
David bought his winning ticket at Joy Mobil in Redford. The lucky proprietors scored a healthy $50,000 from the sale of the winning ticket. No wonder it’s called Joy Mobil, bringing joy to those who choose to buy their Mega Millions tickets must be very, very satisfying.
So what did David do when he discovered he had won the Mega Millions jackpot? The first thing he did was quit his job at the Ford parts warehouse he had been working at for 34 years, telling the boss “I’m out of here”! I’m guessing if the shoe was on the other foot, the boss would have said the same thing to our friend David!
David was very kind and decided to give a million bucks each to four friends. He also went back to university as a much more mature aged student than when he began the first time, in 1970.



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