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Cynthia Stafford – the most powerful mind

Cynthia Stafford – the most powerful mind

It’s hard to imagine what you would do with a million dollars. It seems like so much cash could change your life forever. But what about $10 million? Could you imagine that? Now try $112 million. If you need some inspiration on what to do with that amount of cash, just ask Cynthia Stafford, the winner of this insane amount a few years back in Mega Millions. Yes, $112 million.


What would you buy first?


You first need to get yourself a set of wheels. Or two. Cynthia bought herself two Bentleys. One in orange and another in blue. And why not? That’s how Mega Millions winners roll.


Then of course you’d want to get in shape. You are, after all, hot property now, and you want to stay that way. So do what Cynthia did and hire yourself a top personal trainer. You could even afford to buy one, but that’s against the law now.


The list goes on and on. First class trips to Paris. The best hotels. The finest foods. But how did she do it? She believed. And there’s no reason you can’t too.


The power of positive thought


Before Cynthia won her $112 million in Mega Millions, she was a struggling mother of 5, working long hours to make ends meet. True, there are millions of Americans with the same story, but what makes Cynthia’s story different is that she didn’t complain. She didn’t project any negativity. She remained positive, knowing that one day her luck would change.


So powerful was Cynthia’s belief, that she actually visualized herself holding a lottery check with the numbers ‘112’ on it, followed my lots and lots of zeroes – and that’s exactly what happened. Just a few months later, on Mother’s Day of all days – Cynthia found herself standing with a check for $112 million. Whether you choose to believe her or not, she’s the millionaire now. Not you. So it may be worth a try!


It started at a young age


But the story begins much earlier in Cynthia’s life. From the age of 6, she was already putting positive thoughts into the universe by giving her allowance to UNICEF. Not many 6 year olds even know what UNICEF is, let alone feel compelled to part with their allowance that would ordinarily be used to buy treats for themselves, or save up for a pair of skates or a game.


Even when her younger brother was killed in a car accident in 1999, she did the admirable thing by taking in his 5 children as her own.


After winning her $112 million in Mega Millions, Cynthia chose to take the lump sum of $67 million. She then shared the money with her father and older brother, and put enough aside for all the children’s education.


Staying true to her roots


Cynthia knew that her positive thoughts changed her fortune, and today still supports charities such as UNICEF – the same organization that started her amazing approach to life.


So if you think you deserve to be the next Mega Millions winner, what positivity are you putting out there? How much do you really deserve it over someone else? The best thing you can do is change your attitude, and start doing good for other people. The worst thing that could happen is that you bring more joy to your life and the lives of others. And the best thing that could happen? Well, ask Cynthia Stafford.


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