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The Mega Million Frenzy

The Mega Million Frenzy »

From the conspiracy theorists to those who swear they have a foolproof method of winning the jackpot – they all come swarming out in one way or another when the prize is big enough; even those who would ordinarily stay as far away as possible from any lottery. Welcome to the Mega Millions frenzy!

The etiquette of winning

The etiquette of winning »

Yes, rich people are different. They even smell better, for some reason. There is a theory that the super-rich bathe in lamb’s milk and dry their skin with unicorn pelts, but that could just be a vicious rumor started by us not-so-rich out of sheer jealousy. More than likely. The fact remains that rich folk get to have more fun because they see more and do more.

Playing the lottery helps the economy

Playing the lottery helps the economy »

Just when you thought that the only person who will benefit from a winning lottery ticket is you – and of course those long lost family members who crawl out of the woodwork when they hear that you’re rich – it turns out that the lottery as a whole, such as Mega Millions, is really good for the economy.

If you don’t play, your enemy could win

If you don’t play, your enemy could win »

Everyone has a nemesis. It could be your boss. Your ex-lover. Or even your mother in law. You may not wish any of these people bad luck, by any means – except maybe on the odd occasion. But you also don’t necessarily wish them all the success in the world. So how would you feel if your nemesis happened to win the lottery? Not just any lottery, but the Mega Millions Lottery? Not great at all.

How to avoid getting scammed

How to avoid getting scammed »

There are thousands of lotteries and other competitions out there that promise you millions in riches. And even though most of those lotteries and competitions are completely legitimate, such as Mega Millions, there are nevertheless some unsavory characters out there that will take every chance they get to cheat people out of anything they can. We don’t like these people. Not one bit.

Cynthia Stafford – the most powerful mind

Cynthia Stafford – the most powerful mind »

It’s hard to imagine what you would do with a million dollars. It seems like so much cash could change your life forever. But what about $10 million? Could you imagine that? Now try $112 million. If you need some inspiration on what to do with that amount of cash, just ask Cynthia Stafford, the winner of this insane amount a few years back in Mega Millions. Yes, $112 million.