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Brian McCarthy, McLean, Virginia, $107 million

Brian McCarthy, McLean, Virginia, $107 million

Brian McCarthy of McLean, Virginia ran to his grandmother to share the news of his amazing $107 million payout when he won the Mega Millions in July 2011. Good old gran was proud of him, and offered him a grilled cheese sandwich. She sounds like a down-to-earth kind of lady I must say!

Brian is the son of Marriott President Robert McCarthy, who isn’t short of a dollar himself. McCarthy Junior used to work at Pepsi, but has spent his Mega Millions winnings on trips to Ireland and Alaska, a new BMW, and very kindly, donating $25,000 each to two charities, including one that supports local children.
Brian found out that he had won the Mega Millions Lottery on Facebook. He had purchased 5 tickets, the second of which had the winning numbers.
Brian’s win is the third largest prize ever awarded by the Virginia Lotteries and the seventh Mega Millions jackpot won in Virginia! Some people really just have all the luck.
The people at the Virginia lottery are a good bunch, who generate $1.2 million a day, yes, a day, for the Virginia Public school system. So Mega Millions winner Brian was really just doing a good deed for the kids of Virginia when he bought his Easy Pick ticket at Giant Food in Herndon. He’d actually gone to take cash out of the ATM there, and decided to take a punt. As I’ve said before, sliding doors decisions seem to pay off very nicely in the end.

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