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After Winning the MegaMillions

So you are preparing for the big day right?(No stupid, not your marriage!) You know, the day you decide when to claim your Megamillions Cheque. What will you wear? Will you come alone or bring on the family with you? Will people recognize you when you enter the main offices of the Megamillions in your state? I mean, how does it work? What do you tell the big guy at the door in the entrance to the building?


Oh well, life is full of difficult decisions. But if you ask me, the real difficult decisions you will have to make is after you win the Megamillions and claim your prize. Wow, I can’t even imagine the relief those lucky bastards feel and I bet they can’t wipe off that smile of their face while driving back home (Limousine anyone?)


Anyways, just in case you’re one of those ******, I have prepared a few videos to help you make up your mind, you know, the regular…buy a Yacht, buy a house (sorry,Mansion is what they call it,right?), travel the world in some fancy hotel (I wonder if they give away free WiFi at those expensive hotels) and all the regular stuff.

As a Megamillions winner, if you have hit one of those huge Jackpots, your possibilities are endless. Maybe convert to Judaism and become a Rabbi? haha..or donate to saving those remaining Elephants in west Africa, maybe even donate half to charity or buy a ticket to the first space shuttle to the moon expected sometime soon (I think,no?)


I call these videos “After winning the Megamillions” , Oh, and your comments are more than welcome!


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