Who Won The Mega Millions?


Welcome to Who Won the Mega Millions, your one-stop-shop for everything lottery. If you are 18 years old (at least) and believe in lady luck or not, all it takes is a buck and plenty of luck to win the Mega Millions. It’s all about playing smart and Who Won the Mega Millions is just the place where you can learn to play smart. So, Who Won The Mega Millions Lottery?


Mega Millions is for everyone

We bring you all the news, views, tips, advice, and lots more from America’s biggest jackpot game. With jackpots starting from $15 million and loads of other prizes from $1 to $1 million, there’s lots to play for whether you are an ‘Okie from Muskogee’ or city slicker from New York. Join the community at Who Won the Mega Millions and you could actually make your dream of becoming a millionaire come true. There’s loads of information on how to play Mega Millions and the life changing Megaplier where you could double and even quintuple your winnings and become billionaire. In short, we have all the answers to everything you wanted to know about the biggest jackpot game in America.


Learn to become a true mega millionaire

The main objective of Who Won the Mega Millions is to give you clear direction on how to play. And there’s a bit of history of the game and where you can play, including online. Undoubtedly, everyone would want to win that huge multi-million jackpot for sure. Stay with us and you will learn how to beat the odds and rid yourself of triskaidekaphobia (that’s the irrational fear of the number 13). It’s only smart players who pick the otherwise unpopular number 13. Then again, we highlight the importance of blind luck.


Random all the way

Remember, it’s tough to beat the system since the winning numbers are absolutely random. However, choosing unpopular numbers can help you beat other players and rake in bigger prizes when numbers come up. Sounds interesting? Stick around with Who Won the Mega Millions and you’ll learn the juiciest stuff about the Mega Millions.


Five friends split $106,000,000 Mega Millions jackpot, 11/9/2015


5 friends


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